Budapest Residential 2019
Budapest Residential 2019

Budapest Residential 2019

This is the flagship live program of The Natural Lifestyles: In just one week, discover all you’ll ever need to get the women you want without having to put on any false masks, or to not be.

Here’s what it's all about: This is either a complete reset for your dating life, or a catalyst to take the results you're having now and skyrocket them to what you might consider impossible. In 7 days, you'll be brought through the entire TNL system of Natural Seduction, all while learning to implement it in the field, day and night. Our coaches will be with you round the clock, in a combination of theory workshops and infield training to take you from wherever you are, to where you want to be with women. This is for a man who wants control and power in his dating life, once and for all. Whether you're struggling with making your first approach, or how to go from dates to having multiple girlfriends, we’ll take you step by step to show you the mistakes you're making and how to correct them, and the blueprint to have the dating life you want. This program doesn't come cheap, but the life changing results our students experience are priceless. Imagine having the confidence to choose the women you want in your life, and not having any fear in your ability to design your dating life according to what you want. You’re not afraid to get rid of a woman who isn’t the best fit for you, because you know you could get someone better in just a few weeks. Instead, you’re calm and collected and your dating life is completely under your control. So how do we get there? How do we change your dating life?

The 7 day program consists of three major phases:

Phase 1: Resetting your mindsets and beliefs and basic habits around women For the first 3 days of the program, our sole focus is to rewire and fix the mindsets and beliefs you have around women. Chances are, what’s causing you to not have the results you want are coming from your internal beliefs and mindsets on what you think you can achieve with women. The night before the program starts, we bring you through an orientation to hammer out your goals and desires for what you’d like to achieve over the next 7 days. You’ll also be presented with the classified TNL workshop notebook, which contains the entire theory and TNL Natural Seduction system, as well as a daily journal for you to log in your daily progress on the program. Alongside the theory workshops, you’ll also be brought out infield with our coaches to approach women, test your skills and get instant feedback on what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right. At this point of the workshop, you’ll start to know what your major problem areas are, and how to correct them. Here’s what you’ll be taught over the first 3 days of the workshop:
  • Social freedom concepts and exercises: How to get out of your anxieties and fears around approaching women, and the simple steps to stopping a woman on the street without any issues
  • Why it’s alright if you’re introverted or shy around women and what you can do to turn it into a powerful, low-energy seductive style
  • How to go from talking to a woman on the street to taking her out on a date on the spot - skipping the pain and frustration so many men feel when they try to get intimate with a woman with ease
  • The overall framework to follow to get from the first word you say to a woman all the way to the first time you take off her clothes. While it’s important to be adjusting to her reactions and responses, having a roadmap to follow will drastically reduce your chances of failure, and give you a clear end in mind of why you’re seducing a woman
  • The #1 mistake most men make when they try to start a conversation with a woman (this all boils down to the intention you project with your eyes)
  • The 5 step intention drill that will forever change the way you view seduction and romance
  • What to send in a first text to have the best chances of a response that leads to a date
By the time the first three days are over, you’ll be confident in your ability to just go onto any busy street, and be able to approach a beautiful woman and bring her into your life. What’s more, you’ll have the mindsets and skills to be able to deal with any rejection you face, and the ability to shrug off any negative interactions you might face. You’ll also be able to see when you’re able to bring a woman out instantly on a date, if not know how to get her number so you’ll be able to see her again. All of these skills, in just three days? Believe me, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. This brings us to phase two of the workshop. Phase 2: Touch escalation, going on dates and closing the deal This phase is all about taking the new, improved mindsets you have and bringing them to the next level. After you’ve rewired your mental world around women, it’s time to rewire your physical world around women. Through a series of workshops, we’ll show you the simple steps on how to introduce touch into your interactions with women, from the first handshake, to getting right up into her personal space without creeping her out, being able to sense her boundaries and work with them. It’s at this part of the program that we also analyze the best sexual archetype you can portray through your clothing. We’ll bring you through the maze of shopping to get you simple, well-fitted clothes that will change the first impression women get the moment you say hi to them. Rather than your clothing working against you like most men, instead you’ll be appealing to the kind of women you’re searching for, making it that much easier for you from the get go. At this point, you’ll probably have a phone full of numbers of girls wanting to go on a date with you, and you might have a couple dates already scheduled. This is when the coaches will work with you to prep the logistics for the date - Where to bring her, what to do with her on the date, how to escalate and close the deal - to help you get a new lover into your life. In a nutshell, this phase will teach you:
  • Secrets of touch escalation to have her physically comfortable with your touch, even as it becomes more and more intimate
  • How to embody your sexual archetype, and make it do the work for you in attracting women you want
  • Why logistics is the key to dating success and the blueprint for a date to end in the bedroom
  • Conversation frameworks: how to flip the dynamic of conversation to work for you instead of against you, such that she’s qualifying and opening up to you about her life, her desires, all while further investing into seeing you again
  • How to handle last minute resistance in the bedroom, and the general reasons why a woman won’t sleep with you on the first date and how to turn them around
  • How to run a seduction in any location. From a bookstore to a crowded nightclub, we’ll refine your opening and closing skills to become a natural at seducing women.
Phase 3: Consolidating your skills and setting new goals By this time of the workshop, you’ve gotten a ton of new numbers, gone on plenty of instant dates as well as normal dates, and you’ve got plenty of new, positive experiences with women to keep you on an upward spiral towards the success you want. So the final days of the workshop are about solidifying your progress with women, helping you to push through any last sticking points you’re still facing, as well as giving you some perspective for the long term. The theory workshops will revolve around more advanced concepts: From how to introduce sexually charged topics into conversation to the truth about sex and how to become a master at it, you’ll find the last few days of the workshop to give you information and lessons on seduction that you’d never dream possible. At the same time, we’ll bring up the topic of lifestyle design: How to design your lifestyle to be full of experiences originally reserved just for the social and financial elite, while not having to pay an exorbitant price. With us, we’ll hash out the life you want to work towards, and give you examples to follow as well as plans to execute. The entire TNL team has created lifestyles full of exotic experiences with women and travel, and we’ll break down to you step by step how we do it, and how you can do the same if that’s what you want. So here’s what will be covered in the last phase of the workshop:
  • How to take the lessons you’ve learnt, the epiphanies you’ve had with women and integrate them into your life such that you hit the ground running when you return to your home city
  • Why the workshop is just the start of your transformation with women, and what to do to keep your progress going after the workshop ends
  • Sex 101: Why most men just aren’t good at sex, and why you don’t even have to be that great to have women coming back to you again and again
  • What most women wish men knew in the bedroom (and it’s not about lasting forever!)
  • The secrets to having the lifestyle of your dreams and why it’s easier than ever before to have your cake and eat it

Who is the 7-day program for?

  • You must be willing to pay the price for change. Not just the financial aspect, but being able to swallow your ego, accept where you are currently and take the steps with us to change it and get to where you want to go.
  • You must be hungry for the results that you want. Unless you’ve got the desire to have a great life with women, we can’t help you get what you want in your relationships. But if you’ve got a burning desire to change your circumstances in your romantic life, we can give you the firestarters to create some magic.
  • You must be willing to work with your fellow students. On the program, we aim to foster a brotherhood between you and your fellow students as you go on the journey, to have wingmen and companions that will support you through the ups and downs. It’s important that you be a team player to get the best results possible.
  • You must be willing to seize the moment now to make change. We won’t be running this program forever, and we’re already transitioning the company to a more online-based business. It’s quite likely that if you sit down and wait it out, your problems won’t go away, and the next time you come looking to join the program, there’s no more spots left for the entire year.

If you’re interested, here’s what to do next: Select the program timing that works best for you, and you’ll be taken to a page to fill in your details. From there, one of our team members will contact you in no less than 3 business days. Don’t wait, don’t procrastinate. The opportunity for you to have the life you want with women is right in front of you now. Seize it, and I’m sure you’ll have no regrets. James Marshall Founder & CEO of The Natural Lifestyles

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