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Euro Tour

How To Unlock Your True Seductive Potential And Learn Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know To Create The Dating Life Of Your Dreams In Just 10 Days

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10 day traveling seduction bootcamp

The world’s most Transformative Seduction Bootcamp that is guaranteed to have you approach, connect with, and even date, more beautiful women in 10 days than you probably have for the last 5 years (and, in many cases more than you met in your entire life).


Held in the #1 European city for Seduction discovered by TNL coaches after traveling to over 39 countries: Barcelona.

Only 20 Spots per year

The Biggest & most Exclusive TNL program ever developed to this day, accepting only up to 20 applicants per year who are really serious about making real change happen in their dating & social lives, by spending more than 8 hours every single day with the TNL crew.

Complete Five Principles Of Natural Seduction curriculum

Complete Five Principles Of Natural Seduction curriculum, designed to make you competent in all key areas of dating success, as well as giving you a toolbox to continue getting consistent results with women and developing towards Mastery once the program is over and you get back to your city.

Only TNL Workshop taught by James Marshall

The only TNL workshop fully taught by James Marshall, CEO & Founder of The Natural Lifestyles––plus 5 other élite TNL coaches––as he officially retired from teaching Seduction programs last year.

Unleash your existing seductive traits

Personal Charm & Attractive Character Creation workshops focused on helping you unleash existing seductive traits within your persona that women are deeply magnetised by, and how to leverage them to elicit interest & passive attraction so that she immediately feels you’re different from all the other guys and is more open to get to know you.

Inner Game & Masculinity Re-programming

Includes a structured Inner Game & Masculinity Re-programming path to make sure you get “unplugged from The Matrix”. Our unique Inner Game training is based on more than a combined 28 years of studying spirituality, personal development, psychology, eastern meditation practices & psychedelic-based ceremonies to deliver a tailored, personalized, initiation journey to every single student so that they can develop true Self-Esteem, Healthy Assertiveness, and primal Masculine Power.

Worth 50x cost

Guaranteed to be worth 50 times its cost, saving you years of pain and frustration to instead go to living a life abundant with women and relationships… no student has asked for a refund, EVER. To join, however, you must be able to meet the four criteria spelled out below (no exceptions). Click HERE to learn more about them.

Leave your Ego and Pride at the gates of the Euro Tour, and get ready to embark on a lifetime journey of romantic and sexual success…


This is the invitation to go on a crazy rite of passage into manhood, where you will meet more beautiful women in 10 days than most men will meet in their entire lives, while developing the skill set to attract and seduce them, skipping the many years of pain, frustration and confusion most men face when it comes to improving their dating life.

This program leads you naturally to the seductive results you want, because you’re taught a step-by-step methodology on how to become a true natural with women, without needing to put on any false masks, use cheesy lines or pretend to be somebody you’re not.

This is NOT a Placebo

In direct opposition to most weekend bootcamps given by famous pickup companies, our goal with this longer-duration program is not to pump you up and induce in you a placebo high that fades after the workshop is finished, but instead to focus on planting deep seeds for a lifetime of romantic & sexual success. 

By pushing past your fears and barriers every time you go out onto the streets, bars and nightclubs of Barcelona to approach the hottest women on the planet and learning to use modern & ancient Inner Game tools and meditation methods to analyse your feelings and relax into seductive confidence, you’ll be able to permanently alter your mindsets, beliefs and behaviours, to the point that long-term élite lifestyle success becomes inevitable.

From Fear, to Power and Choice

In just 10 days, you will go from a place of fear and lack of control with women to becoming a man with autonomy, power, and choice in his relationships.

Students often come to the Euro Tour with little or no confidence in their dating abilities, but leave as well-rounded, brave warriors who are able to naturally attract, date and consistently sleep with beautiful women.

On the Euro Tour, you’ll join a small tribe of men and fellow romantic adventurers who have been specifically chosen as the best candidates to become part of an élite global brotherhood dedicated to experiencing rapid, exponential progress in their results with women.

So if you’re willing to take action, go through the learning process and reap the results… this is the invitation for you to jump on board and live the love life of a rockstar… with the girls, amazing social life and wild adventures.

The Euro Tour

What is the Euro Tour?

The Euro Tour is a 10-day life-changing seduction & lifestyle program taught in Barcelona, Spain. The vast workshop Curriculum consists of…

80+ Hours of Personalised Coaching per student

Throughout the whole program, you will receive 8+ hours (you know we like to rant overtime until everyone gets enough value for the session) a day of combined coaching from James Marshall and the TNL coaches.

Out of all our live Seduction workshops we offer, at the Euro Tour you get nearly double the amount of time and dedicated coaching than you would normally get by joining the standard Residential Programs.

Daily Meditation & Movement Sessions

Every morning, you will go through a meditation session aimed at providing you a practical framework to dissolve approach anxiety, control your state & internal feelings and increase your awareness so that you can keep your cool and ground yourself when having a conversation with that hot model you just approached. These Meditation sessions can serve as well as well as great opportunities to kick off your day by reflecting and internalising the lessons from the day before.

Students often also practice a brief series of physical exercises (nothing crazy,or workout related) after the meditation to let go of stiffness in the body and being able to walk and physically communicate with others in a more graceful and supple manner.

In-depth Core Seduction Theory workshops

Get ready to be exposed to the true secrets of becoming a naturally seductive man with choice and power in his relationships with women by going through daily classes aimed to make you a master in the 5 Principles Of Natural Seduction & the TNL Natural Seduction Framework.

Roleplay classes with Female Coaches

In contrast to most dating coaching companies, the Euro Tour features extensive classes with female roleplay models to work on conversation, intent projection and touch escalation; that means getting lots of real-time, and sometimes brutal, feedback directly from her perspective on what it feels to be seduced by you.

Students leave the workshops with new insights and epiphanies by having a safe environment to test their boundaries and train their seductive skillset.

Advanced Attractive Character Building Masterclasses

Additional to the Core Seduction Workshops and the Roleplay classes, every student will also receive a comprehensive, advanced-level, education in a series of subjects deemed essential to become an attractive & charming 21st century Man. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Foundations of Lifestyle Design

  • Social Media Seduction

  • Rapid Texting & Date Setting

  • Sexual Mastery

  • Vocal Projection & Masculine Posture

Click HERE to learn more about them.

Microphone Infield Sessions with the Coaches

In small groups and sometimes individually, your coaches will hit the streets with you to get you into meeting women and give you real time feedback to improve your approaches, conversations and body language. You will have opportunities to have a hidden microphone on you, with your coach closely monitoring your interactions and giving you precise feedback on exactly what areas you need to focus on improving while also helping you develop your ability to understand this process for yourself.

Personalised Curriculum Refinement + Consultations

On the first day of this program, you will be asked to state your goals for this workshop & the current challenges you want to overcome. In doing so, you’ll make sure you receive very specific feedback from the coaches, tailored to your unique situation as well as being constantly reminded of and kept accountable on where you want to get.

Your Personalised Curriculum will be also refined as we roll, meaning that the moment you manage to overcome a major sticking point into the program, you’ll be quickly asked to state a new one so that progress is continuous throughout the 10 days.


After you join the program, our enrollment team will help you to arrange the best flight options to El Prat airport as well as assist you in finding the best high-quality apartment in the center that fits your budget options.

Covid-19 2022 Update

For the 2022 coaching season, we made sure everyone can attend the full-capacity Euro Tour while guaranteeing maximum safety for both students and coaches.

Here are the latest guidelines for joining:

-The 10-day program will take place in one key European city: Barcelona, Spain.

Spain has been unanimously defined by health authorities as a ‘Safe Zone’. That means very secure and easy to travel to for European citizens and most international travelers.

-Those who access Spain via air and land might be required to show proof of vaccination and\or exhibit a negative PCR test up to 72 hours before travel. We recommend you check this link ( to verify the latest entry requirements.

-Feel free to contact our enrollment team at [email protected] for more personalized guidance and support for your unique traveling situation. We help every student make sure they get in without any hassles 🙂

James Marshall

Founder and CEO of The Natural Lifestyles, specializing in low-energy, high-investment game, meditation, body language, tantra & sexual mastery, and Lifestyle Design.

Core specialties: Natural Seduction Principles, Lifestyle Design, Masculinity Re-Programming

Shae Matthews

Inner game Guru and personal transformation wizard. Shae uses his 20 years of multi-discipline personal change technology to help you create deep level confidence, self-worth, and motivation.

Core specialties: Personal Transformation Systems, Sexual Alchemy, Touch Escalation

Alex León

Alex brings a unique perspective to the coaching team having experienced humble beginnings as an introverted German/Austrian heavily invested in electronics and programming, only to break free and embrace a new way of connecting with women and the world.

Core specialties: Daygame, Social Media Seduction & Texting, 10X Mindsets

Virag Tierra

After being personally trained by James for the past five years and collaborating on dozens of workshops as a guest-teacher, TNL’s newest rising star, Virag, has now joined the crew as a full-time executive coach.

On the programs, she merges her professional 20-year background in self-healing methods with the downright ability to point out students’ blind spots and acting as a catalyst for true personal transformation. Those who train with her are not just adept at female psychology, but also at becoming the creators of their own reality.

Core specialties: Self Healing, Honest Relationships & Attractive Character

The Euro Tour

The Five Principles

All the lessons and training you’ll receive on the Euro Tour are taught through the “5 Principles of Natural Seduction” framework. Unlike other seduction systems that require you to copy and force on yourself a rigid personality type or energy level, and recite lame pick up lines; the TNL Natural Seduction system simply gives you the framework to bring out your most seductive characteristics already existing, but currently dormant, within yourself.


Your inherent, and self-developed, ability to become present to what goes on in the moment.  

This refers both to your Internal Awareness, the understanding of the complex universe made up of feelings, emotions, limiting thoughts and experiences (traumas) that define how you instinctively behave when talking to a beautiful woman, as well as your External Awareness, the capacity to literally guess a woman’s thoughts and connect with her energy so that you can calibrate your approach and start a conversation on a seductive note.


When you learn to channel your desire into a crystal-clear sexual Intent in a calibrated way, Seduction really becomes spontaneous and easy on your side. This is perhaps the simplest of the 5 principles––and the most brutally effective, especially in terms of annihilating the friend-zone problem––but one of the hardest to master unless you get in-person coaching by James and the rest of the crew.

Pressure & Release

He who masters the art of generating, and playing with Sexual Tension owns the key to most women’s bedrooms.

This is also what makes the difference between Nice Guys who proverbially get ignored by hot women, or never get laid with those women they crave VS the Bad Boys who know how to take girls on exciting adventures (leading to fun in the bedroom).

Emotional Impact

Most guys hit on girls in a way or another, but just a few men are able to truly Seduce women and make them obsessed by the idea of seeing them again.

That’s because most men talk analytical facts instead of painting beautiful pictures in her mind, or they ask interview-mode questions to the girl without ever getting an answer for the Core question…

“Who is really this woman? And what drives to exist?”

Get this right to reduce phone-flakes massively, and truly experience what it means to have a beautiful woman craving to be around you for more.

Pulling the trigger

Guys who are good at Seduction do two things constantly: they Open and they Close.


But how do you transition smoothly from a nice conversation in front of a coffee or drink to get her back to your place as quickly as possible? 

How do you physically escalate things once she gives you all the signals that she is ready for Sex? 

The final principle answers all these questions, and teaches you to become the Man that gets things done without any resistance on her side (and who doesn’t need to use lies, excuses, or manipulative techniques to hope she sleeps with you).

Focus on getting results

While you are taught the 5 principles throughout the entire course, students often get numbers, go on dates and even get laid on the first day of the Euro Tour in Barcelona.

From the first day of the program, the TNL coaches are completely focused on getting you results in seduction. You’re immediately given the skeleton of what works, meaning you can straight away take girls on dates. Over the subsequent days you’re given the inner details and nuances to refine your skills into mastery.

Euro Tour Day

The Euro Tour

The Daily Schedule

Apply for the Euro Tour

No two days are the same at the Euro Tour, and every Euro Tour is different from the previous edition.

As this is a highly customized program, the schedule of each individual day will vary with the coaches adapting the times and class type depending on the needs and learning experiences of the students.

Here is a rough overview on what your daily schedule might look like…

11:00 – 01:30 PM

Coffee with James, and daily meditation session

After the daily meditation in the city park, you will have about an hour to go over with James what happened the night before, advice on texting numbers you’ve gotten yesterday, or ask him anything you’ve ever wanted to know from this master of the seductive art.

02:00 – 04:00 PM

Meeting exotic European women in the day and getting instant feedback

James will then lead the team to a busy street in the city, and students will be split with instructors 2 to 1, wired up with a hidden microphone (don’t worry, we’ve never been busted;) and instructed to approach gorgeous women on the street.

Compared to other companies that force students to “Mass Approach” an entire street or nightclub, (which quickly becomes demoralising) the coaches will be giving you individual lessons from every approach you do, so you can immediately tweak your actions and experience a positive shift in your results after every girl you meet.

04:30 – 06:30 PM

Black Book Seduction Secrets revealed in daily theory/roleplay workshops

In the workshops, you’ll be taught the 5 principles of Natural Seduction alongside female roleplay models, as a testing ground for when you head out at night. After the workshop, you’ll then be dismissed for dinner and to get ready for the night training session, do some solo approaches to test your abilities, or go out on a date with that girl you met a couple hours ago 😉

06:30 – 08:30 PM

Break time for a possible dinner dates, and getting changed to go out at night

08:30 PM

Second daily theory/roleplay workshops, specializing on nightgame

In this workshop, you’ll be given the specific tools, mindsets, principles and techniques to go out later at night and meet women, whether it’s grooving on the dancefloor or becoming more physical with your touch escalation.

10:30 PM – 01:00 AM

Meeting and seducing women in the night

Once the workshop ends, you’ll be brought to a variety of night locations to meet and seduce women. Nightclubs, bars, night museum exhibitions or music festivals, the TNL crew will be your wingmen. From putting your hand on a girl’s lower back as you talk to her to escorting you and the girl to the bedroom and closing the door, we’ll help you every single step of the way.

The Euro Tour

So where does the Euro Tour take place?

After more than fifteen years of organizing the Euro Tour in various parts of Europe and experimenting through trial and error with different locations, one city has proven to fit our three criteria (demographics, logistics, and receptiveness to being approached) that guarantee the most conducive environment for you to experience a rapid, and massive transformation in your dating life: Barcelona, Spain.

We’ve picked this destination specifically because:


Barcelona is known globally as a ‘hub’ where some of the hottest, most high-class women––including many who work in the fashion industry––spend part of the year. A popular but rather quiet tourist and ex-pat destination with warm Mediterranean weather, this city is guaranteed to give you constant exposure to extreme beauty and too-hot-to-handle 10s.

Great responses to Direct game

These beauties respond well to direct, unapologetic and responsive men who project a clear desire and intent. Plus, the city center is quiet and relatively small, so most people move around by walking rather than cars––the perfect combo for daygame success.

Vibrant Nightlife

The Catalan capital displays some of the most vibrant and varied nightlife scenes on the planet. From the dozens of jam-packed wild beachside clubs, to sexy boat parties, to the high-baller venues in the center and even to the cozy local cafes in the historic center, wherever you go you’ll literally be surrounded by more epic dating opportunities than you can handle.


Conquering your fears and mastering the approach.

Barcelona is where the journey of a lifetime kicks off.

Every Euro Tour starts on a Thursday, with a pre-tour orientation session Wednesday evening. So you’ll fly in Wednesday afternoon, and one of the coaches will then check you into a high-class apartment in the city center.

After that, all of the students will be gathered together and the orientation session for the Euro Tour will take place.

In that session, we will break down your goals for coming onto the Euro Tour, your fears, and planning how you’re actually going to achieve the change you want.

You’ll also be given the exclusive TNL workbook, filled with exclusive theory notes and specific questions to help you gain clarity on your purpose for coming on the tour, and the results that you want to have when you head back home 10 days later.

After that’s done, you’ll head off to bed in your apartment, and meet in the Placa de Catalunya the next morning to officially kick off the Euro Tour.

The Euro Tour

Here’s what you’ll learn on the first 5 days in Barcelona

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The 3 key aspects to seduction

Approaching, Opening and Closing.

How to stop a girl

2 ways to stop a girl on the street that will allow you to stop just about any girl you spot in the daytime.

From Stopping to Opening

How to transition from stopping her to a calibrated open, connecting with her on the right energy level so you can smoothly seduce her.

Social Freedom

Social Freedom: How to remove your fear of what other people think of you so you can meet the women you want, whenever or wherever you see them.

5-Step Framework

The 5 step intent drill that breaks down seduction into a 5-step framework. Understand this, and seduction becomes simple, easy and natural.

Non verbal Seduction Mastery

Can you seduce a woman just by looking at her in the eyes? You’ll be taught the foundations of awareness and intent, which will allow you to project an unapologetic sexual intent from your eyes. (This is the little-known third level of communication)

How to be an effective wingman

Most men think being a wing is just telling the girl how great his friend is, when there is so much more possible. You’ll learn how to approach a group of girls and create a bubble between you and your chosen girl, without interference from any of her friends. Learning to wing correctly, doubles everyone’s chances of getting laid.

Nightclub Strategies to Get Dirty on the Dancefloor

You don’t need to be a professional dancer to have fun with the ladies and get dirty in a club. We will teach you everything you need to know on how to have fun & approach (and being heard) in clubs, then help you rapidly turn the interaction sexual and physical by using the right escalation sequence(s).

The Euro Tour

Next Tour Dates

What if you could learn everything you ever needed to know on how to seduce women and create the love life you want in just 10 days?

That may sound like a big claim, but for close to a hundred men who have been lucky enough to come for this exclusive live coaching program, that promise is true.

May 25th - Jun 5th 2022

2022 The Euro Tour #1 (Barcelona)

9 spot(s) available


The Natural Seducer Way.

Since the first edition of Euro Tour, the 7-hour infield break day placed halfway through the program serves not only as a rest from the intense training, but also as a mid-point pivotal moment in the journey of the Euro Tour students.

This transition day of the workshop symbolizes that precise moment when the novice ceases to be considered such and begins the last phase of his initiation into a new Life Paradigm: The Natural Seducer Way.

On this day, you will work closely with Shae Matthews, our resident Inner Game coach, and James Marshall himself to help you uncover dormant parts of your masculine identity and work on unique areas of your persona––not covered in any other TNL workshop––that fall under the themes of Subconcious Awakening, Personal Charm & Attractive Character Building.

The unique hybrid of Inner Game & Character Development training you’ll receive during this experience is guaranteed to help you enter the second phase of the workshop as a more well-rounded, confident and ultimately attractive male.

BARCELONA – Day 6-10

Conversational Mastery, from approaches to dates

Part 2 of the program is where the majority of the change and transformation happens on the Euro Tour.

This is where you’ll learn the bulk of the 5 principles of Natural Seduction, alongside daily Daygame and Nightgame sessions.

In the last 5 days, students usually find themselves getting countless numbers, juggling texts with numerous girls to set up dates and having the coaches work with you to fine tune your phone/text game, a key aspect of being an effective modern seducer.

The Euro Tour

Here is what you’ll learn on the first 5 days in Barcelona

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Once we step into the more advanced part of the program, the very first session is all about being chilled, relaxed and seductive at night, while employing smooth, seductive touch to effortlessly bring her home.

Style makeovers with TNL coaches

While fashion isn’t the make or break with seduction, dressing in the right way to amplify your sexual archetype is one of the hidden “quick fixes” to having the girls you want receptive and open to being seduced by you.

Secrets to touch escalation in the day

You’ll be immersed in roleplay workshops with female models to experiment and get instant feedback on how to perform the 3 types of touches that gets her comfortable, relaxed, then aroused, and finally in bed with you.

Meditation exercises to have complete control of your internal state

In this part of the Euro Tour, the daily highs and lows start to become even more extreme as students start getting closer to the results they want. As such, you’ll be taught meditation exercises to have iron-fisted control of your state, no matter what may happen.

Eastern philosophy secrets of sensuality

The daily meditation sessions will also start to shift into sessions on sexuality and tantra. You’ll learn the specific physiological keys to lasting longer in bed, as well as the subtle levels of sexuality within a woman.

Instant improvement with daily microphone infield sessions

You’ll be wired up with a hidden microphone for the coaches to listen in on your approaches and immediately point out sticking points you’re missing, so that with each and every approach, your seductive skills increase tenfold.

Building a brotherhood of seducers

Because you and 9 other men are going through 10 days of immense personal growth and transformation, you’ll start to form a powerful bond with the other students on the Euro Tour, all of you banding together to support your journey as a seducer. This becomes particularly important after the tour for creating the lifestyle mastermind group.

How to speak to a woman’s Heart

Most men don’t know how to have engaging, spontaneous conversation with women, much less being able to listen to her while revealing the most attractive parts about themselves. You’ll discover the simple frameworks for conversations that create a deep, intimate connection while ramping up the sexual tension between the two of you.

Dissolving Objections

Just because a girl throws up an objection doesn’t mean you can’t seduce her – you’ll be given 3 simple ways to go past her objections, and how to deal with the proverbial “I have a boyfriend”, or “I’m busy right now”.

Defining your seductive style

A big pillar of TNL’s natural seductive framework is that it’s not focused on becoming somebody you’re not (like turning into this crazy extrovert, when you’re a more introverted kind of guy), or copying your favorite instructor’s style, but rather creating your own style of seduction. From the beginning of the program, you’ll start receiving daily cues from the coaches to help you figure out what works best for you, what you resonate with, and how to combine it all in a unique seductive persona that women are drawn to, and other guys cannot replicate.
At the Euro Tour you will also be taught a number of Advanced subjects meant to transmit to you essential tools every man should master in the 21st century to virtually remove all the competition & enjoy your dream romantic lifestyle, such as…

The Euro Tour

Next Tour Dates

What if you could learn everything you ever needed to know on how to seduce women and create the love life you want in just 10 days?

That may sound like a big claim, but for close to a hundred men who have been lucky enough to come for this exclusive live coaching program, that promise is true.

May 25th - Jun 5th 2022

2022 The Euro Tour #1 (Barcelona)

9 spot(s) available

Lifestyle Design Principles

Living the life of the top 1%
The Euro Tour

Here’s some of what I reveal in this 3 hour breakthrough talk

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How to get the life you deserve

How to run an autopsy of your life: You’ll be shown how to dissect the social circles you’ve constructed around yourself back home, and how to analyze if they’re leading you to the life you want, or holding you back. Then, you’ll be taught…

How to construct your million dollar Rolodex

How to construct your ‘Million-Dollar-Rolodex’: You’ll be given the key principles to create a social circle that gives you constant opportunities, whether it’s business, fun or seduction.

Seductive economy 101

Seductive economy 101: Secrets of engineering a lifestyle full of the women you want and interesting opportunities and experiences. By leveraging information, favours and human emotion, you’re just a few steps away from becoming the “cool guy” everyone wants to be around.

The missing key to the Four Hour Work Week

Going Global – The missing key to the Four-Hour Work Week: While not everyone wants it, there’s a significant number of men who want to live a remote lifestyle while constantly traveling the world. However, the Four-Hour Work Week doesn’t teach you how to rapidly re-create new groups of friends & lovers, and penetrate existing social pyramids wherever you go.

Build Passive Streams of social success

Lifestyle Hacks to build Passive Streams of social success: The coaches give away all the life hacks they use to travel full time, make money on the road, juggle multiple girlfriends and become valued members of élite social circles worldwide.

Sexual Mastery

The Sex Talk Your Parents Never Gave You

Whatever you’ve learnt from school, your parents, friends, mainstream media, porn or religion will pale in comparison to what I reveal in the sex talk.

Sex 101

For guys with little experience, we give you all the details to become a competent lover from the get go. How to get a bra off with one hand, basics of giving women orgasms, positions, everything you need to know to make your initial sex life fun and pleasurable for everyone without things getting awkward

Fantasies of the female sexuality

The darkest, deepest lusts and fantasies of the female sexuality and how to unlock them and be the man she expresses them to.

BDSM / Psychological role play

The truth about BDSM/ Psychological role play and how it links into female psychology and why you as a man must dominate and control when it comes to the bedroom.

maximum sexual arousal and pleasure

How to choke and spank for maximum sexual arousal and pleasure. You’ll learn the proper way to physically handle a woman in the bedroom, and how to test if she’s interested in rough play.

The simple steps to setting up a threesome

Most men will chase the elusive ménage-a-trois with little success for their entire life, but I’ve boiled it down into a few simple steps that works without causing any drama/chaos in your love life.

Secrets to last forever and be a legendary lover

Secrets of tantra to last forever and be a legendary lover: You’ll learn the beginning steps to becoming a multi-orgasmic man, having sex literally for hours while reading the subtle signs of a woman’s likes and dislikes in bed.

And that’s barely even scratching the surface.

After that, it’s a final dinner at another amazing gypsy restaurant.

Everyone gets drunk, lets loose, and we all spend a final night together no longer as teachers and students but as Naturals.

You’ll check out of your apartment the very next day at 11am, and that concludes the crazy Euro Tour experience.

Social Media Seduction

How To Use Instagram & Modern Tech-Tools To Ignite Your Dating Results & Access More High-Quality Women
Back in the day good cold-approach skills were everything you needed to guarantee yourself lots of dates with beautiful girls.

But the game has changed…

Since the introduction of Social Media every single girl has now access to incredible amounts of validation and thirsty guys sliding into her DMs, creating a whole new standard to assess whether you’re worth seeing again or not.

This class teaches you not only to survive the new standard, but also how to build a kickass IG profile and learn precise content & texting strategies to display great amounts of value and build a digital system that sets up dates for you, often on autopilot.

Mathematics applied to Seduction

To an extent, Seduction is a numbers game. The better you get as a seducer, the more your statistics improve, however, even for the Pros, it is very hard to close 100% of the girls you approach. But what if you could use Instagram to reverse-engineer, and dramatically reduce, the number of steps required to get a woman into bed?

The right mindset

The key about having success online is having the right understanding of what makes a profile seductive and setting realistic expectations about what’s possible for you once you have everything set up the way we teach you.

Seductive Profile 101

You’ll be shown how to dissect the social circles you’ve constructed around yourself back home, and how to analyze if they’re leading you to the life you want, or holding you back. Then, you’ll be taught…

maximum sexual arousal and pleasureHow to capture your life (and looking like a rockstar)

With the right strategy, it will take you as little as 30 seconds per day of work, or less, to go from a total nobody to becoming a cool content creator, who draws women into his world.

Building a Sex funnel

The coolest thing about all of this is that once you get the basics right, you can begin to automate everything and have girls ready to go on dates (and even come straight at your place) on autopilot.

The Euro Tour

What happens after the Euro Tour?

Just because the Euro Tour has ended doesn’t mean that your transformation is done yet.

You’ll also have private access to an alumni Facebook group, where you can network and mix with like-minded budding seducers, from previous tours.

And remember: you don’t have to fly back home right after the Euro Tour.

Often, students start experiencing even greater results a day or two after the tour, when things have calmed down and there’s some space and time to relax.

You could stay in Barcelona for a week longer, or perhaps travel to a nearby city to create a new circle of lovers… it’s all up to you.

The Euro Tour

You also get exclusive access to
“The Five Principles Of Natural Seduction – Legacy Edition”

Now at its third edition, this is the 6-week online program that changed the game by introducing the idea of Principles of Natural Seduction, in a world dominated by old-school gimmicky, technique-based home-study programs.

It contains a very detailed and advanced breakdown for each one of the Principles (which you will master already at the Euro Tour) as well as many missions, exclusive interviews with guest coaches and webinars to help you internalise them and understand how they apply to very different seduction styles and personalities.

This is a massive 50+ hours study course and bible of reference –currently sold independently on the TNL site for $697 – that when combined with your experience and understanding of the 5P Seduction framework you acquired at the Euro Tour, plus the 150 page TNL notebook you also get as part of the program, is guaranteed to make you an absolute master of the world’s most élite Natural Seduction Method.

The Euro Tour

The Four Selection Criteria

Apply for the Euro Tour

This is a highly coveted program, very exclusive in its nature, many people apply for but only a small percentage ends up being admitted to.

As such, we have 4 selection criteria when assessing new applicants that must be respected at all times (nothing crazy or elitist but they help understand whether we’ll be a good fit for each other)…

You must be willing to push through your fears and barriers.

The Euro Tour is not for the faint of heart, and if you’re not comfortable with facing your fears with women, the Euro Tour is not for you. But if you’ve got the desire for rapid progress and transformation in your dating abilities, the Euro Tour is the fastest and best way to do so available anywhere.

You must want change, and be willing to go through the process

Were not looking for guys who are already good with women for this…Novices, intermediates, and even more experienced seducers are welcome alike and have all proven to benefit enormously, in different ways, from the program. But you’re required to listen to the feedback you get and go through the specific, structured process we’ve prepared for you. If you can’t commit to something as simple as this, the Euro Tour is not for you.

You must be willing to pay the price

The Euro Tour is not cheap due to its exclusive nature and personalized coaching of the program, and if you don’t see the value of paying to come on a transformational trip that will upgrade your life for the better, then the Euro Tour is probably not for you. But if you want the absolute most elite coaching experience possible, with expert attention, advice and feedback on this vital area of your life, the Euro Tour is definitely for you.

You like to have fun and let loose

At the end of the day, ideally, you would join a program like this because you love women and you want to have a life that is full of sex and romantic adventures, and ultimately more joyful and socially connected.

This 10-day training is very Intense and demanding for the student, but always aims to be a fun, and rather enjoyable experience, with many epic moments of camaraderie shared with your fellow TNL brothers and coaches, and hilarious memories to bring home.

Because what’s the point of working so hard for a dream goal, if you don’t get to enjoy the journey of getting there.

Euro Tour Package

The Euro Tour

Full Euro Tour Package Includes

Apply for the Euro Tour

10 Days of coaching

10 days of coaching (80+ hours per student) with James Marshall, plus the entire TNL crew & guest coaches.


Let us help you find the best flight deals to Barcelona airport and pick a high-quality apartment in the city center that fits your budget.

Tailor-made coaching

Tailor-made training Curriculum based on your unique goals & challenges.

5P Core & Female Roleplay

Core 5P Of Seduction Workshops & Female Roleplay Classes.

Advanced Attractive Character Building Classes

Advanced Attractive Character Building Classes (Sex, Lifestyle Design, Social Media, Vocal Power, and many more…).

Inner Game Vision Quest

Train ride session: 7-hour Inner Game Vision Quest.

Daily Infield daygame sessions

Daily Infield daygame sessions with a coach (2:1 ratio).

Night game

Night game sessions with coaches.

Style Consulting

Personal Style Consultation & Fashion Consulting.

Five Principles Online Course

Five Principles Of Natural Seduction – Legacy Edition Online Course

150+ pages notebook

150+ pages notebook with all the most important theory takeaways from the program

Wingman & Community

Access to 9 selected brave wingmen in person and hundreds more when you get added to our online groups.

The Euro Tour is TNL’s flagship live program

It’s simply the best there is, so it’s not going to be cheap.

You can shop around for bargain prices from other companies, but you won’t get the same training, coaches, system, cities… There’s simply nothing like this by anyone else on the planet.

These days, seduction companies are popping up left and right. But the truth is that many of them are fly-by-night companies that offer bargain prices, and disappear when they don’t deliver results.

The Natural Lifestyles is one of the most respected seduction coaching companies on the planet, with over 15 years of experience coaching men worldwide.

There’s nothing else like it.

It’s an epic journey, a rockstar overhaul into becoming a seductive man who has power and autonomy with women.

So if you’re interested in changing your life with the Naturals this European summer…

The Euro Tour

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What if you could learn everything you ever needed to know on how to seduce women and create the love life you want in just 10 days?

That may sound like a big claim, but for close to a hundred men who have been lucky enough to come for this exclusive live coaching program, that promise is true.

May 25th - Jun 5th 2022

2022 The Euro Tour #1 (Barcelona)

9 spot(s) available

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