The course has been a pivotal part of my life

The course has been a pivotal part of my life, and has drastically accelerating any improvements I was making. Particularly with women, but also with people in general, sports, travel and business.

Before the course I had relatively few make outs and it was a big deal for me but I now more confident on dates and in making a move on a girl I like. I have had more sexual experience in the past year following the course than in my previous 22 years.

I feel like this is just the beginning for me as I am equipped with the tools needed to continue seduction for many years (or until I find a woman who I am super compatible with – which is my ultimate goal.)

I feel safe now that I will not be stranded between girlfriends for ma, years, with no idea how to go about finding another one. I feel more open to connect with people. It may seem like a lot of money but I would do it again, no hesitation.

A long process, but getting there. So I just want to thank you for your effort and patience with me and all the encouragement during the workshop. It was worth it,


Man, what a ride!

Life’s almost turned upside down – I’m meeting new guys and girls left and right, it’s unbelievable.

I’m having all those weird ups and downs along the way, but I’m progressing constantly.

One day I feel a bit sad or angry, but I pick myself up quickly and get back to work – chat up either that hot actress on her way to the theatre or that sexy student waitress.

I still can’t believe how much that abundance switch changed my feeling about myself.

All kinds of weird things also started happening – somehow I started meeting people who are either on similar path or are able to help me along the way.

The most amazing thing is that I know it’s just the beginning – there, much more wonder waiting for me around the comer.

James – thank you again, with all my heart! Give my love to all your crew. Cheers!


It was really an eye-opening experience

James, I just wanted to thank you for the workshop. It was really an eye-opening experience, I have learnt so much stuff that even now. Months later, I am still having moments of epiphanies, understanding what you really meant with some of your talks and phrases.

This knowledge that you have shared with us has stuck with me and will always remain an integral part of my life.

I used to be very unsuccessful with women, waiting for luck or some random event to put a decent girl in front of me, and if the girl was “too beautiful for me” I would be totally intimidated and I would shy away from her.

Now I am in control of my romantic life and I am happy to confess that some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, are now close to me and part of my life. Thanks again James, you and your team have really changed my life.


You guys can teach Natural Seduction like no other!

I found the meditation exercises we did on the workshop to be the most valuable skill so far in my seduction journey (and in life as well).

It, helped me silence the negative patterns until I can replace them with awesome reference points, like this one:

I went on my first instant date with a sexy 19yr old ballet dancer and had my first daygame makout post the residential. My favorite part, her red lipstick smeared all over our faces!

I’m still piecing together everything I learned on the workshop months later as I gain more experience. And being able to connect with you.

The residential has been eye opening into what’s really possible. Thanks for everything! ever done, you guys can teach natural seduction like no other. Thank you for everything and keep up creating REAL men.


The Euro Tour

Watch a student’s actual experience on the Euro Tour

All the new experiences have been downright surreal

It, only been a little over a month since the workshop, but I wanted to let you know how drastic a change I’ve already seen in my dating life. While I’ve definitely been meeting and getting with more girls than I ever did before.

I think the most important difference I’ve found post-training is my general outlook. I’m way more comfortable in clubs and bars now (and as a consequence having way more fun) and I’m not nearly as fazed by the prospect of approaching a girl and getting shot down.

Just the other day I walked up to this gorgeous girl, who proceeded to look at me like I was a cockroach and tell me in polite but no uncertain terms to fuck off. The old me would have been absolutely crushed by this, whereas now I know you can’t win them all and went on to get three numbers that afternoon. This past month, with all the new experiences I’ve had and women I’ve met, has been downright surreal, and I’m only just getting started. I can’t thank you and the other TNL coaches enough.


It is truly an experience of a lifetime

So, Eurotour is over. When I think of the orientation preceding day one, it seems like a long, long time ago. And based on how much growth I experienced, it really was a long time ago. To those of you who haven’t gone yet but are considering it, answer the basic questions you might have after reading my updates:

“Should I go?” – yes

“But should I really go?” – yes

“But it’s very expensive. Not sure I can afford it.” – figure it out, put it on credit cards, borrow from your family, set up a Kickstarter campaign, get an extra part time job – whatever – just get your ass to Eurotour.

“Ok but I’ve taken the 5 Principles online course and I’m making progress.” – yes, the online course will put you way ahead of most other men. But it you want to get really good at this, you will need to start collecting an invaluable set of reference experiences and you will need to get objective feedback on your approaches. On Eurotour you will be pushed to the brink by the world’s best seduction coaches. Almost every day you will be going infield and approaching 10 to 15 women with 2 or sometimes 3 coaches carefully watching your every step, your body language, your posture, and listening to your every word. At the end of each approach they will go through every aspect, giving you tailored feedback on what you need to work on. what you’re doing well. and it they sense any confusion on your part, they will not give up until they get to the heart of the matter so that your understanding of the what/why/how is rock solid. They will be tough on you, all the while understanding what youVe going through and nurturing you all the way through.

It is truly an experience of a lifetime. So do it!


One of the most transforming life and learning experiences

The Euro Tour was one of the most transforming life and learning experiences I have had. I highly recommend it to anyone that has had issues connecting with women (emotionally and sexually), lacked inner confidence or who have struggled to exert control over the course of their own lives. The tour doubles as a great way to soak up the atmosphere (and incredibly hot women) of central Europe and make a bunch of instant close friends. In short it’s both revelatory and incredible fun.

I came to the tour as an Australian man in his 30s and recently divorced. I had little to no confidence about being able to meet and connect with women again, low personal self esteem, and a general lack of direction. At the conclusion of the tour I felt confident I could meet, date and sleep with interesting and beautiful women, and felt a greater sense of purpose and design over my own life. During the tour I racked up a great number of positive reference experiences with women, starting with interactions in the day time, through to dating women and meeting them in nightclubs. Where I was anxious about this area of my life before the tour, I am now highly positive and – if anything – impatient when I’m not in an environment of women where I can try my skills. The testing nature of the tour, in which you challenge yourself daily and confront your insecurities and failings, also delivered me multiple precious insights into my character and how I’ve been living my life.

The course wasn’t just about equipping us with formal techniques or pre-set routines. You will learn practical tools, certainly, but it is a whole body of work that is ordered and structured in a highly intelligent and well considered way, and results in a new of thinking about women, seduction and social interaction. The materials continuously build on each other. As students we often remarked to each other about the rapid progress we were making through the course. There is great variety in the content covered – from improved awareness through meditation, social freedom exercises, understanding the power of intent, conversation skills, the techniques of physical touch, men’s styling, and lifestyle design – but all is reinforcing of the overall objective of making you an improved man that can attract women into your life.

Like others in my group, I chose the tour due the presence of James Marshall. After watching his online videos, I had a high regard for his expertise and insight and was keen to experience this first-hand. Despite these high expectations, James managed to raise the bar on the tour. His coaching traverses a broad spectrum of goodness – practical, personal, applicable, inspirational, eye-opening, and unrelenting – and is always anchored in broader concepts and frameworks that he has obviously developed from years of experience, research and study. Above all, what stands out is James’ generosity. I had to double-check that I had paid upfront – this is not someone that behaves like he has your cash in his pocket. James talked and talked and talked until he had given us every piece of wisdom in his head. He repeatedly made time to talk through my own personal issues and difficulties. This is a man committed to ensuring students leave the tour with all the tools and the self-belief to transform their lives.

I had expected the other coaches to be apprentices, lesser versions of James that I would have to settle for while James was busy with other students. Certainly, James is the engine room. But each of the other coaches come from a different place and bring a unique perspective which, it turns out, is necessary for each student to develop fully while on the tour. Jess helped me understand the female perspective and find a sense of style, Tony Solo had a knack for coaxing me, in an unrelenting way, to walk into my inhibitions, Liam McRae combined expertise on the practicalities of touch escalation with an ability to patiently talk me through mental constraints I placed on myself, and John Keegan was an inspirational figure packed with rare insights into connecting and conversing. Above all, they are all genuine, interested and committed people.

Finally, it’s one thing to spend hours online consuming the giga-hours of dating and pick-up content that exists online, as I had. I now realise it’s entirely another thing to learn these things first-hand from the experts, apply them in the field immediately and get feedback in real-time, and to witness and share the experience with a group of men all going through the same thing as you so that, collectively, you learn more than you ever would if by yourself. This is a premium product but there are no doubts in my mind it was value for money.


I cannot recommend the TNL Eurotour more even if they paid me.

I found it to be a high-intensity psychological reprogamming experience.

I learned a number of practical skills incl but definitely not limited to:

  • Preventing anxiety from ruinning my interactions
  • A solid framework for conversation
  • Projecting intent
  • Verbal game for text & phone
  • Being able to do near anything in a social situation without being awkward
  • Practicing abundance in my interactions
  • Escalation techniques
  • Being direct and owning my desire

However, the greatest benefit came not from instruction on how to behave towards beautiful women but rather from the help I received in discovering what I already had to offer.

I honestly expected that these “inner game” gurus were going to try to teach me confidence with a series of presentations and a handbook.

What they did instead – through a carefully devised experiential programme – was to unwrap the layers of bullshit (such as limiting beliefs, negative self-perception & useless framing) and uncover a dude who deserves beautiful & interesting women and who is comfortable going out to meet them and bring them into his life.

If you are looking to learn a few magic tricks and assumptive openers that you can use to trick women into bed then this is not going to be for you.

If instead you are not exclusively concerned with going to Eastern Europe to have sex with some of the most gorgeous girls on this planet, which will happen – or at least it did for pretty much everyone on my tour ;-), but you are also interested in …

  • Improving your masculinity in all areas of your life
  • Deflating your ego while super-charging your self-worth
  • Changing beyond what you thought was possible
  • Having some serious fun with a group of like-minded guys

… then you definitely need to do this.


It’s like time traveling into the future

I can’t fully articulate how much you guys have helped inspire my life. Now, I’m nowhere near my potential but I got a glimpse of it last September. It’s like time traveling into the future, or spontaneously realizing your real self.

The help of great instructors and group of like-minded individuals created one of the most powerful experiences of my life. The sense of choice and ease you feel is simply inexplicable. After the tour, I came back to ‘normal life’ to much disdain. That’s not who I am or who I want to be.

And although the tour felt like magic, life is not magic, and I am, day by day, beginning to change myself into who I saw on tour.

If you told me a year ago that I’d

1) go up to an Austrian Hungarian woman who’s tattoo caught my eye and meet her later for drinks

2) walk around the city with an artsy 33 year old teacher and connect and vibe on all sorts of levels

3) meet another girl I found very attractive, connect and chat with her even though she only speaks Hungarian and I only speak English, meet and go from bar to bar with her, and then back my apartment, and

4) meet this crazy cute 19 year old student with bright blue eyes who I’m currently talking to, I’d tell you that you’re out of your mind. And that was only this week’ I can’t thank you guys enough for being a catalyst to my transformation.


Slaying all those daemons and stepping into that warrior mode

I was a bit skeptical coming to your week long seduction workshop, you know I chose you because I liked your Chi-Kung style approach . The course shattered my certain beliefs like women don’t like to be approached openly and you have to be crazy high energy etc and that was awesome.

The part where I talked to a girl and then I didn’t commit, and then another guy walks in and kisses her and you making me watch, that was uncomfortable but shifted something in me, so thanks for making me do that.

I have been getting good results relative to my action and have massive, increased my escalation skills and spontaneity. I have lucked for girls after that, 2 from the street to bed in under 4 hours and just letting go and being spontaneous, and just going for it as you taught, and I from just trying out just taking a risk and rapid escalation from a meditation class, was a memorable experience.

All is not gold and glitter but slaying all those daemons as the coaches would put it and stepping into that warrior mode.

I’m still working on my inner game to adopt your mindsets, I know its a long process, but getting there. So I just want to thank you for your effort and patience with me and all the encouragement during the workshop. It was worth it.


Exceptional experience and one of the most intense times of my life

The Eurotour was an exceptional experience and one of the most intense times of my life. I chose The Natural Lifestyles because of James Marshall. He was the first pick-up artist who had a similar personality to me in many regards. Naturally introverted, highly independent, a lone wolf on his quest for truth. I was deeply impressed by his aura of purposefulness and wisdom. There are undoubtedly many other professional PUAs out there who are extremely good at what they do and successfully draw attractive women into their lives. But I always found many of these men had become somewhat delusional and weird living in their pick-up-bubble for too long. James was the first I truly looked up to in every area of life.

The composition of the coaching team was extremely good. Five different characters, each with their own area of expertise. Each very competent. I especially want to highlight the importance of having Jess in the team. Her outgoing personality and feminine energy make the trip much more fun and add some variety to what otherwise could easily feel like being part of a weird gang of dudes. And getting advice directly from a girl instead of just hearing men talk about these mysterious creatures called women makes the whole thing feel more applicable and actually real somehow. The same applies to the coaches’ local lovers who help out with role plays and join for dinner sometimes.

Our relationship to the coaches went beyond a mere coach-student relationship. They were highly emotionally invested, genuinely cared about us and are definitely generally open to developing friendships with their students. And I feel like just by spending so much time with them and observing them interact with each other I intuitively picked up on a lot of social skills – aside from the actual coaching they gave us. Which brings us to the next point: The quality of the technical advice was very good (what to say, body language, etc). However, this is not what sets TNL apart from other coaching companies. It is their profound knowledge about female psychology that is outstanding and unique within the seduction community. Learning about the female mind and understanding what women actually want in a man is an absolute game changer and makes much of the technical stuff even feel rather irrelevant in comparison. As emphasized in many of their videos, TNL’s focus lies on teaching the general principles of seduction rather than giving exact solutions to concrete situations.

On our last evening in Belgrade, when our coaches said goodbye and disappeared in the dark, I felt like a child whose parents had left it behind. I was standing there on the central square with my brothers. Our parents had taught us the necessary tools but we would now have to manage to survive on our own. The situation also reminded me of finishing high school. You stand there outside the building with your pals knowing that your paths will now split and everyone will have to find his own way. Remarkable that 10 days of Eurotour can have the same emotional impact as years of school together. To many of my fellow TNL students I felt a stronger emotional connection than to my classmates. Because we had faced so many fears together, had opened up, had shared our true feelings, had made ourselves vulnerable. They were my brothers.

As I am writing this review two weeks have passed since the end of the Eurotour and I am slowly starting to awake out of this trancelike state of mind it left me with. My life has changed to the better. I had sex with three amazing women since then, I have grown as a man and I look to the future with confidence. I highly recommend The Natural Lifestyles to every aspiring Casanova out there. Going on this trip was one of the best decision of my life.

Thank you, my brothers, for this life-changing experience.


Life changing experience that led me to have a lot of breakthroughs

I got a lot more than expected from Eurotour. It was a life changing experience for me that led me to have a lot of breakthroughs. In the beginning, I was very hesitant to sign up for this program because of the review I read on this website about “instructors being more interested in approaching girls themselves than to watch students grow”. I have taken other companies’ workshops in the past, and it was a legitimate concern for me that instructors would not be teaching as much as they advertised. I figured that I would at least start a good habit by going out and approaching women every day even if I did not end up learning as much as they advertised.

I soon realized that it is not the case after the first day into the tour – my initial concerns were all misguided (there are set plans and schedule of what we will be learning and doing every day). After meeting my fellow students, I know that I am with a group of like-minded people that are trying to make changes in their lives.

In term of the coaches, James was not kidding about this being a powerhouse team. I would say that each one of them has high integrity and really enjoys making changes in people’s lives for the better. Each one offers difference strengths and perspectives as well. The coaches often stay after to help out students with questions and clarifications. They are knowledgeable and would not withhold nor bullshit anything. I was provided answers and clarifications for anything I asked. The only thing that I would say was that there was not enough time since I was growing and developing at a fast pace.

For me, I did not attend the tour with a lot of prior experiences (probably did ~20 cold approaches and never been in a relationship) – although I have taken other companies bootcamps before. The reason was that after taking other companies’ workshops/bootcamps, I still did not go out and approach women by myself afterward. After the Eurotour, I am now pushing myself to continue to go out and approach women for myself (I am writing this a month after the Eurotour). I think the reason that the Eurotour is different was because of these factors:

  1. The Eurotour was 13 days long – this helped me to get into the habit of approaching women
  2. The quality of the coaches and their willingness to teach – they all know what they are talking about and have something different to offer
  3. Inner game – his is a big one for me. It allows me to have a good “state-control” and to live a life that is aligning with my values.
  4. The group of students – It is good to know that there is always a group of motivated friends that I can relate to.

Below are the general overviews of the coaches (in alphabetical order):

James Marshall – He was what I expected from watching his youtube videos. He is very knowledgeable and very good at what he does – during our 1 on 1 session; he was able to give me effective pointers that solidified my approaches immediately.

Jess Daly – Amazing fashion coach. She picked out fashionable outfits for me based on my personality and the way I dressed. I get complimented on the things I wear now and it makes the approaching easier.

Liam McRae – He provides good feedbacks based on the student’s levels. Also provided ways and challenge students to sexually escalate at a faster pace. He and Tony helped out students a lot with their text game.

Sasha Daygame – Craziest social freedom exercises that I’ve ever done. Really pushes what I believe was possible and developed the fundamental techniques of my approaches.

Shae Matthews – Learned really amazing inner-game techniques from him that helped me to be able to control my state. I also understand and see myself differently after his sessions.

Tony Solo – He always go above and beyond in teaching and helping out students. He is always joyful and graceful and his actions show that. I can’t think of an instance where he did not stay after to answer questions and provide clarifications.

For me, the Eurotour is an all-in-one package that provides a holistic way of developing and transforming students. They cover everything from being able to transform how students understand themselves internally to techniques (based on principles) that can were applied immediately during in-fields afterwards. Those things get reinforced during daily in-fields. My experience was that most other companies’ bootcamps/workshops are mainly focused on techniques and “maybe” some principles.

Some could say that being good with women should be natural and that people should not have to spend money learning this stuff. While this could be true; but for me, I was never that guy. If I had to go and figure all these out for myself, I would most likely never had the confidence and direction to go about doing so (or probably get stuck reading all the e-books and watching youtube videos out there). I see the Eurotour as an investment on myself (sort of like college). Learning how good with women are skillsets that can be taught and developed – it is okay for me to seek help.

The Eurotour was not cheap for me (I used the money originally saved to move out of my home to pay for this), but for me the decision came down to: 1) I move out of my home but cannot approach any girl that I am interested in; or 2) Stay at home for a longer period of time but can approach girls that I am attracted to.

I am not saying that I became superman with women immediately after the Eurotour.

Like anything in life – it is what I make of it. But, I am now confident that I can hold my grounds and approach women that I am really attracted to (at a minimum).


The Euro Tour

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