I’ve noticed you often coach in cities where English is not the first language. Will the language barrier be a problem?

In our experience, no. From time to time you may meet a woman during a workshop who is not fully proficient in the English language, but this is an opportunity for you to develop the different aspects of seduction that do not require you to have a fully fledged conversation. For a lot of men this can be an intimidating prospect because they are used to wooing women with their words and ideas, rather than their presence and intent. We’ve had many workshop students experience intimate connections with girls who do not share the same language, often using tools such as the Google Translate app if absolutely necessary.

I’ve seen on your YouTube videos that some students are filmed. Will I be on camera if I attend a workshop?

Before any filming takes place on a workshop all students are asked whether or not they wish to be filmed. If you do not wish to appear in our video content for any reason you will not be filmed. Our media team takes special care to only film those who have volunteered to be a part of our content, and if you happen to appear on camera accidentally they will blur out anything that could be used to identify you.

I don’t want to get stuck with a bunch of weird pick-up nerds. Who are your typical clients?

It’s a common misconception that seduction workshops are full of basement dwelling creeps who have memorized pages and pages of pick-up routines. In reality, the typical client who attends our workshop is simply undergoing a life transition. They’ve had experiences with women in the past, from one night stands to long term relationships, but something has changed in their circumstances which means they’re no longer able to meet women like they used to. This could mean relocating to a new city away from their old social circle, or coming out of a long term relationship and feeling ‘rusty’ in the dating scene. It’s actually more likely that you’ll meet a group of guys who are on the same path as you, opening up doorways for new connections and friendships.

I’m over 40. Am I too old for your workshops?

It depends. The typical clients we coach are in their early 30’s and undergoing a life transition, whether that be relocating to a new city for work, or coming out of a long term relationship. Whilst we are more than capable of assisting men from ages anywhere from 18 to 40+, we encourage you to complete an application form and speak with a TNL team member so that they can advise you on the best coaching option for you.

I’m worried I’ll do the workshop but not be able to approach afterwards. Do you have any follow-up coaching for after the workshop?

You will be encouraged during the workshop to be approaching outside of coaching hours to begin experiencing the unique challenges that come along with flying solo, predominantly so that you can discuss these with the coaches and develop a set of long term goals to help you continue progressing. Having trouble approaching alone is simply another phase on your journey and it’s more than possible to move through with time and dedication. Keep in mind that our workshops are not a ‘magic pill’ or an ‘easy fix’ solution that will make you the perfect ladies man in a week. The process is akin to planting several seeds that will take months to begin growing and bearing fruit. It is your responsibility to continue watering those seeds after the workshop by committing to approaching in your city, going on dates and engaging in other activities such as meditation retreats or improv classes to further your development as a man. We do provide follow up support in the form of a private facebook group for TNL graduates to connect worldwide. This is a place to share your struggles on the journey with other men walking the same path and receive guidance. It can also be a place to find wingmen who live near you to meet with. We also offer follow up coaching packages from guys who want continued support from the coaches after they return home, to keep you accountable and make sure you continue your evolution.

What should I tell my colleagues, friends and family when they ask why I’m travelling?

We understand that taking a ‘seduction workshop’ is a huge step for you personally, and also potentially confusing or controversial for your friends, family and colleagues. As a general guideline we suggest that you mention you are attending meditation training if you feel it may be a problem, and to only discuss the workshop with those who you feel will be supportive of your transformation.

Do you offer any guarantees?

There are no workshop guarantees because we accommodate clients of varied experience levels and life backgrounds, meaning that everyone walks in with different problems and different goals. To make guarantees that you’ll ‘approach 500 women’ or ‘sleep with 10 girls’ is completely missing the point of the workshop experience you’re signing up for. We can however say with confidence that all of our students complete our workshops with a strong foundational understanding of how to approach women in a variety of settings, along with a plethora of experiences involving the fundamental principles of seduction.

What’s included in the workshop cost?

All workshops include accommodation in the form of rented apartments in the city centre. You will have your own room and share the apartment with 1-2 other guys on the workshop.You are responsible for your flights to and from the workshop location, as well as your basic living expenses (food, cab fare, club entry etc.). As style coaching is integral to our workshop experience we also recommend a small budget set aside for purchasing new outfits, however you will not be forced into buying anything. Note that Barcelona and NYC workshops do not include accommodation due to the logistical complications involved in booking such large groups in these busy cities. Workshop costs are adjusted accordingly to compensate for the lack of accommodation.

I’m a college/university student, are your workshops suitable for me?

In the past we’ve coached many university/college students and watched them take massive strides both during and after the workshop towards becoming true naturals. However, it is very rare that a college/university student can afford our workshops as they are tailored towards working professionals in their 30’s, and not within the budget of students committing their time to studies or with large student loans. If you feel like you may have unique financial circumstances we encourage you to fill out an application. Otherwise, Skype coaching is a great alternative that will still reward you with progress towards becoming a natural seducer.

I can’t find your pricing anywhere. How much do your workshops cost?

It’s understandable that not knowing the pricing is frustrating, however we intentionally leave them off the website as a greater part of the philosophy behind our workshops and the coaching you’re undertaking. Workshops with The Natural Lifestyles aren’t short weekend bootcamps where you bounce around a bar pumping your state or learn some canned daygame openers. We endeavour to take you well beyond the ‘learning to approach’ phase, giving you a deeper understanding of how seduction works and also an insight into your gifts as a man and what your next steps in life are. As a result our workshops are typically a large financial investment for most men, but that investment is in your future dating life and evolution as a man. The women you will meet over the next 4-5 years, the experiences you’ll have as you grow and develop, as well as your long term plans for marriage, family or creating a harem if you wish to do so. Additionally, we keep a very low coach to student ratio of 1:2. As a result our workshops are very close and personal, making it critical that all clients go through the application process to create a positive coaching environment for both students and the TNL team. You will learn more about workshop costs if your initial application is accepted.

How does the EuroTour work?

The EuroTour is our flagship, premiere workshop designed for the most committed and dedicated men who truly want to undertake the ultimate of seduction and lifestyle coaching. Traveling across 2 countries over 10 days, you’ll be constantly adjusting to new cultures and surroundings, like a commando being dropped in the jungle with nothing but a combat knife. It’s the ultimate initiation into uncovering your inner seducer and the best investment you can make into becoming a more confident, well-rounded man. Along with the accommodation we also arrange your transport between the cities, however you are responsible for flying to and from the starting and finishing locations, as well as living expenses and buying your clothes during the styling session. It’s important to note that the EuroTour is not a 10 day, happy-go-lucky mystical rainbow ride where you get to hang out with some cool pick up dudes and get drunk. If you want to do sightseeing or a pub-crawl, this isn’t the workshop for you. The EuroTour is an intense experience that will push you to your limits emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, and we only accept men who are truly ready to undertake such a journey. You have been warned.

I’m an introvert. Is your coaching suitable for me?

The majority of our students describe themselves as introverted, shy, or quiet. Typically, other pick-up workshops encourage men to be ‘more alpha’, ‘pump their state’ and to ‘be a boss’, which can work for a lot of extraverted, socially-outgoing guys. However, for introverts it can mean putting on a ‘pick-up mask’, taking on personality traits that aren’t authentic and giving people a false image of who you really are. Even though you may see some initial success, the downside will be that women will ultimately learn who you really are behind the mask and feel deceived. Our approach is to encourage you to work with your natural temperament instead of forcing you to be something that you’re not. This doesn’t mean you won’t be stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying new things, but ultimately you’ll learn what you have to naturally offer women and how to express that. At the same time, we’re not trying to turn you into the next James Marshall or Liam McRae. Think of it as an act of calibrating; finding the things you’re doing too much of, like talking too fast, and toning them down, or taking the things you aren’t doing enough of, like sharing your passions, and teaching you to do those things more.

I feel strange for having to get coached on how to meet women. Is this normal?

Absolutely. As men we’re put under a lot of pressure to have all of the answers when it comes to women and dating, and if we don’t it’s easy to feel like we’re not really men. For a lot of men it can be a point of shame or feeling of ‘unmanliness’ to have to get help meeting women. It’s important to know that these feelings are normal and that it’s really not your fault. As far as we know, no college or university in the world is running a ‘Dating 101’ class that you missed out on. The expectation that you’re supposed to know how to do all of this without any training is rather absurd. The best way to think of it is that you’re not coming from behind and catching up with the average Joe, because most men in the world don’t even know that you can approach women on the street. Instead you’re separating yourself from those guys. Imagine you’re a weightlifter who wants to get better. You’ve noticed that your growth has slowed and nothing you do seems to make a difference. So you hire a personal trainer who’s going to push you to new limits, expand your reality and help you to achieve your goals. In the same way, we’re going to take you to the next level in your dating life, elevating you to an elite group of men who have the power to actively date the women they want to instead of waiting for ‘that perfect moment’ which only happens in movies.

Will you help me to get over my approach anxiety?

Yes! Over the last 9 years of coaching we’ve become incredibly adept at helping students to overcome the majority of their approach anxiety in the first 1-2 days of the workshop, if not sooner. However, it’s important to keep in mind that our workshops are not just about ‘approaching’, they are designed to teach you seduction. The majority of the coaching on our workshops is centered around the 5 Principles of Natural Seduction, a system created by James Marshall to guide men to being natural with women. Even though cold-approaching a woman on the street might seem intimidating now, it’s really just the first step of many towards forming a connection with her and following up with a date. Without understanding the 5 Principles you’ll likely fall flat on your face and have to endure months or years of trial and error to really understand how it all works.

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