James Marshall

Founder and CEO of The Natural Lifestyles, specializing in low-energy, high-investment game, meditation, body language, tantra & sexual mastery, and Lifestyle Design.

Core specialties: Natural Seduction Principles, Lifestyle Design, Masculinity Re-Programming

Shae Matthews

Inner game Guru and personal transformation wizard. Shae uses his 20 years of multi-discipline personal change technology to help you create deep level confidence, self-worth, and motivation.

Core specialties: Personal Transformation Systems, Sexual Alchemy, Touch Escalation

Alex León

Alex brings a unique perspective to the coaching team having experienced humble beginnings as an introverted German/Austrian heavily invested in electronics and programming, only to break free and embrace a new way of connecting with women and the world.

Core specialties: Daygame, Social Media Seduction & Texting, 10X Mindsets

Virag Tierra

After being personally trained by James for the past five years and collaborating on dozens of workshops as a guest-teacher, TNL’s newest rising star, Virag, has now joined the crew as a full-time executive coach.

On the programs, she merges her professional 20-year background in self-healing methods with the downright ability to point out students’ blind spots and acting as a catalyst for true personal transformation. Those who train with her are not just adept at female psychology, but also at becoming the creators of their own reality.

Core specialties: Self Healing, Honest Relationships & Attractive Character

The Euro Tour

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What if you could learn everything you ever needed to know on how to seduce women and create the love life you want in just 10 days?

That may sound like a big claim, but for close to a hundred men who have been lucky enough to come for this exclusive live coaching program, that promise is true.

May 25th - Jun 5th 2022

2022 The Euro Tour #1 (Barcelona)

9 spot(s) available

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